Precious scene between these two dorks.

Based on “My Beating Heart” chapter six, part of Ownly-Lownly’s amazing JeanMarco fic series Like A Drum.

Marie’s Drawing from Ownly-Lownly’s amazing feel inducing JeanMarco fic series Like a Drum.

Before and after

Its interesting to see the progress I’ve made in about 5 years. I’ve always wanted to do this.

I had redone a piece that I did back in ‘09


I had to draw him. I needed to…it had to be this scene. I mean look at this crybaby!

I needed to hug him…..though he’d probably crush me.

Took me about 5hrs to complete. :D

I have a Marvel AU OC, Saga, and I totally ship her with Sam Wilson. I think they are adorable.

I’m thinking of writing fics about them, to get them written instead of having their story in my head.

The Mane Six

I drew out my versions of the mane six. I had too much fun designing and coloring them.

Shiroe-kun from Log Horizon.
Used this as a ref

Though he’s looking a bit like Harry Potter. :/

Here is my contribution to the fandom. I drew this the other day, and finally got around to painting it.

Jennifer Walters