Some doodles from that fic idea I had the other day.

And if you can’t read what is written because of my bad hand writing this is what they say.
The second pic: “WTH is the matter with me?!?” “I’m with Eren, dammit.” “I can’t do this to him…falling for another guy..” “ really are trash.”

And the last one says: “H-He..he’s really great. Ya know Eren…thank you for introducing me to him. I know that this isn’t what you say in this situation, but thank you, really.”

Surprise birthday arts for askanerdwhocosplays :D I hope you like it.

(pssst…groot is saying happy birthday)

As Much As I Ever Could ch 13-14

I finally finished it, after a bunch of redraws. So happy how this came out.

Jean: What?
Marco: Nothing~.

I had to contribute to after seeing this post (X) and all the others yesterday. I knew I did Jean’s hair right when my first reaction to it was “Jean, no.” lol

Part 4 of my Favorite Character Series.

  • Ami Mizuno- Sailor Moon
  • Richie Foley- Static Shock
  • Maes Hughes- Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Sanada Ryu- Kimi ni Todoke

Finally got around to posting some AMAIEC pics. Doodling out Angelo after the most recent chapter. It didn’t feel right doing one while he was still in his coma. I’m so glad he’s awake. ♥ I was going to do one of Marcos Confession but its still in doodle form, (I plan on doing a proper art for it, marcocoa and all.) And we got a doodle of the Sweater Twin Dream Team and an embarrassed Jean.

I still have more arts planned. :D

Part 3 in my Favorite Character Series

  • Belle- Beauty and the Beast
  • Naraku- InuYasha
  • Agil- Sword Art Online
  • Kanzaki Suzuko(Linda)- AKB0048

Part 2 in my Favorite Character Series

  • Jean Kirschstein- Shinkgeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titian
  • Yukio Okumura- Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist
  • Minamino Shuichi (Kurama)-Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Nara Shikamaru-Naruto

Some of my sports babies.

  • Hyuuga Junpei- Kuroko no basuke
  • Miyuki Kazuya- Diamond no Ace
  • Ryugazaki Rei- Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
  • Makishima Yuusuke- Yowamushi Pedal

I’m working on a series of doodles featuring my favorite characters. I will be posting them in 4’s for the sake of the tagging.

Precious scene between these two dorks.

Based on “My Beating Heart” chapter six, part of Ownly-Lownly’s amazing JeanMarco fic series Like A Drum.