Before and after

Its interesting to see the progress I’ve made in about 5 years. I’ve always wanted to do this.

I had redone a piece that I did back in ‘09


I had to draw him. I needed to…it had to be this scene. I mean look at this crybaby!

I needed to hug him…..though he’d probably crush me.

Took me about 5hrs to complete. :D

I have a Marvel AU OC, Saga, and I totally ship her with Sam Wilson. I think they are adorable.

I’m thinking of writing fics about them, to get them written instead of having their story in my head.

The Mane Six

I drew out my versions of the mane six. I had too much fun designing and coloring them.

Shiroe-kun from Log Horizon.
Used this as a ref

Though he’s looking a bit like Harry Potter. :/

Here is my contribution to the fandom. I drew this the other day, and finally got around to painting it.

Jennifer Walters

Here’s a WTNV art dump of the stuff I’ve worked on in the past week or so.

1) I came across this and wanted to see how Cecil would look using those guidelines I got.

2) A Cecilos kiss. I have a headcanon that Cecil’s tentacle tattoos come alive when experiencing strong emotions and change colors depending on the emotion. Right now, they are going through shades of blush.

3) Cecil daydreaming about Carlos while at work.

4) A doodle of the sweet cecilos moment from episode 25

Cecil and Carlos(before and after Telly)